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About Simple Different


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The Story of SimDif

Over 10 years ago, the first simplified website builders were created to help people make websites without the need for coding or technical knowledge.

The apparent simplification and good intentions of the companies behind these tools, did not achieve the desired results: A vast majority of started sites were left incomplete. Among the few that were published, most sites were not clearly organized for their readers and they struggled to be visible on Google.

Simplified Website Builders did not magically help people make good websites, just like word processors have not automatically made people good writers.

As a result, in an attempt to have a return on their financial investments, many of these services were rebuilt with sales in mind first.

Rather than prioritizing the need for users to build well-optimized sites,  most website builders became experts in selling domain names and more or less useful features. It is easier to suggest that the qualities of a website come from paid add-on, than to entice users to focus on the organization of their content.

Simple Different never gave up on its goal to educate and empower people. In 2010 the first version of Simple Different was released to the public, and in 2012, SimDif became the first website builder app to be available on iOS and Android. A major upgrade, SimDif 2, was released in April 2019.

The calling of SimDif was to help users organize the content of their sites in a way that benefit their audience and to increase their chances of being visible on search engines.

This is still the mission today.