About Simple Different

About Simple Different


Localization: To Support and Promote Languages and Cultures

SimDif 2 is designed to promote underrepresented languages and cultures
SimDif 2 is designed to promote underrepresented languages and cultures

The majority of the world can now access the internet from a phone

Too many people are forced to use English or another widely used language, especially those from internet developing countries as there are few or zero online tools in their mother tongue. This is why It is important to reach out to those users and solve this linguistic equation.

One of Simple Different's core values is to respect and promote the rich diversity of the worlds' languages and cultures, before thinking about a financial conversion

Your own native language

BabelDif is a tool inside of SimDif 2 that allows users to translate the app into their own language. It is built into the core of the app, giving users a platform to contribute and localize the app directly, by themselves.

BabelDif is already well advanced. Within the next 3 years, it will be able to facilitate the translation of the app into more than 100 Languages. BabelDif was inspired by Douglas Adams' Babel Fish.:-)

It is important to give users the ability to better understand and control the tool they use to build their own presence on the web.

FairDif further supports this initiative by offering a fair pricing index for each country:

Adjusting the price of SimDif around the World

FairDif - Purchasing Power Parity Applied
FairDif - Purchasing Power Parity Applied

To create one fair price for all, it requires calculating a different price for everyone

SimDif created a dedicated index, FairDif, to calculate the price of its paid versions. Thanks to FairDif, the price of SimDif is adapted to the cost of living in each country.
SimDif appears to be the first service on the Internet to apply strickly this kind of adaptive pricing. SimDif also includes a free version which is available to everyone.

A Genuine Social Impact Venture

The future fits in one's hand

The Smartphone has revolutionized the Internet. The number of connected users has doubled in the last 3 years. 2 billion NEW internet users around the world have discovered the web, and as many people will do the same in the years to come.

A free website builder app, working from any mobile device, in most languages, is an important empowerment tool.

SimDif 2 - A tangible impact, in 5 crucial areas: