About SimDif


A Genuine Social Impact Venture

Getting connected

2 billion NEW Internet users around the world are ready to discover the web. They will soon feel the need to build their place on the web.

A free website builder app working from any mobile device, in any language, is an important empowerment tool.

SimDif 2 - A tangible impact, in 5 crucial areas:

Economic Growth

Every business needs a hub on the web

SimDif 2 is designed to actively help users be visible on Google, and guide them to present the content of their site clearly.

Digital Education

SimDif is so simple that some schools use it as a way for students to present their work.

It’s like a game. Teachers can offer students an opportunity to understand how online content is selected, formatted, and organized for a specific audience.

SimDif is an easy, affordable, and modern tool to help students become smarter and safer web users.

Freedom of Speech

The hardest part of expressing a new idea is finding the right support.

SimDif offers free apps on iOS and Android, as well as an online version. This means anyone can create and manage a website with their phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world. SimDif safely hosts its user's sites and content on high-quality servers in France, under European regulation. 

SimDif does not welcome scams, spam, viruses, pornography, illegal drugs, or hateful or defamatory content. 

Cultural Diversity

Thousands of languages and cultures are underrepresented on the web.

An empowering tool should be open to localization, allowing people to adapt it and share it throughout their communities.

SimDif is designed to be translated into hundreds of languages, by its own users.

Community Empowerment

Helping people organize themselves online without a technical background.

Supporting community projects like sports, hobbies, rights advocacy, local news, and artistic events.

Localisation: To Support and Promote Languages and Cultures

SimDif 2 is designed to support underrepresented languages and cultures
SimDif 2 is designed to support underrepresented languages and cultures

The majority of the world can now access the internet from a phone

For most people, they must use English or another widely used language. Especially those from internet developing countries as there are few or zero online tools in their mother tongue. This is why It is important to reach out to those users and solve this linguistic equation.

One of Simple Different's core values is to respect and promote the rich diversity of the worlds' languages and cultures, before thinking about a financial conversion

Simple Different Ethics

The user first approach

Part of Simple Differents' ethics and SimDif 2's design is to guide its users as they build websites. Encouraging them to create and organize content that their readers would like to see. This is the best way to structure websites for Google.

Simple Different is driven by a set of ethics as they develop, educate, and offer useful services to the world