About Simple Different

About Simple Different


Adjusting the price of SimDif around the World

FairDif - Purchasing Power Parity Applied

FairDif - Purchasing Power Parity Applied

To create one fair price for all requires calculating a different price for everyone

SimDif created a dedicated index, FairDif, to calculate the price of its paid versions. Thanks to FairDif, the price of SimDif is adapted to the cost of living in each country.
SimDif appears to be the first service on the Internet to apply strickly this kind of adaptive pricing. SimDif also includes a free version which is available to everyone.

A single fixed price doesn't have the same value for everybody in the world

Cheap for some, barely affordable for others, too expensive for those who need it the most.

Based on reputable pricing indices, including the World Bank, OECD, and Numbeo, FairDif attempts to estimate a price that has the same value for everyone. For example, one year of the Pro version is $109 in the US, approximately $126 in Singapore, $34 in India, $51 in South Africa, and $90 in UK. 

This does not mean people in India or South Africa are paying less than the people in Singapore or the US. It may be a different price, but the relative value is the same.

The Advantages of PPP Pricing for a Mobile Website Builder and its Users

It might seem unconventional for the makers of a mobile website builder app to adopt PPP pricing, but it offers numerous benefits for both the app maker and the user in terms of accessibility, affordability, and market potential:

For the App Maker the Benefits are:

    1. Market expansion: The use of PPP pricing allows an app maker to reach a more diverse user base. By making the app affordable in lower-income countries, the app can enter new markets and attract users who might not have considered using a website builder app previously.

    2. Social impact and brand image: As an expression of company's commitment to addressing global inequalities and promoting digital inclusion, it can have a positive impact on the app maker's brand and reputation, as well as on workplace moral and customer loyalty. 

For the App Users the Benefits are:

    1. Accessibility: PPP pricing makes the app more accessible in lower-income countries, enabling users to create and manage websites at an affordable cost. This helps narrow the digital divide by empowering more people to establish an online presence and engage in e-commerce, regardless of their location or economic status.

    2. Affordability: People in countries with lower purchasing power gain access to website creation tools that might otherwise be too costly, promoting digital literacy and entrepreneurship.

    3. Supporting local businesses: Offering affordable website-building tools facilitates the growth of local businesses and entrepreneurs in low-income countries. These businesses can establish an online presence, reach new customers, and participate in the global digital economy.

    4. Reducing barriers to entry: Lowering the cost of using a website builder app encourages more people to create their own websites and online businesses, stimulating innovation, competition, and economic growth in regions where the digital economy is still emerging.

By implementing PPP pricing, the mobile website builder app becomes more affordable and accessible to users in lower-income countries, allowing the company to reach new markets, support local entrepreneurship, and contribute to reducing global digital inequalities.

To the best of our knowledge, SimDif is the first app and online service to provide this kind of adaptive pricing

FairDif is a clear translation of ethics in the creation of a social impact venture.

Introducing FairDif, a purchasing power parity index that is applied to the price of the Smart and Pro versions.

Introducing FairDif, a purchasing power parity index that is applied to the price of the Smart and Pro versions.

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