About Simple Different

About Simple Different


The Simple Different Core Team


Founder and CEO of Simple Different

Designing Graphic User Interfaces for more than 30 years and has a passion for balancing user experience and software design with ethic.
He spends his time helping users, learning about their perceptions and needs, and creating ways to provide them with an effective and transparent solution.
Yorick believes SimDif can become a successful social impact venture and a place for talented people to happily express themselves and grow in their preferred fields.

He was once a traditional Thai massage therapist, still learns about mindfulness today, and definitely needs a new seat for his Royal Enfield.

Mr. Yut

iOS App Developer, Server Administrator

Yut has a constant eye on our virtual and physical machines. He has been a crucial and valuable member of the family since 2011.

His inquisitive mind, soft manner, and sheer good-heartedness, combined with his concern for user experience have become one of Simple Different's pillars. He is now coordinating the development of SimDif 2.

Yut likes trying out new things in Linux, testing new apps, watching movies, playing guitar, and drinking coffee.

Mr. Berm

Android App & Yorname Developer

Berm joined Simple Different in 2014. He came here deeply motivated to improve the first website builder on Android. He is known to be both very sharp and cool. Thanks to Berm, the Android App is now the main tool for our users to build their websites.

His main passion out of work is to respond to the endless curiosity of his son.

Mr. O

Back-End Wizard

Behind a joyful personality, Mr. O hides a brilliant mind and a clear taste for structure and organization. He joined the team at the beginning of SImDif2 and his contribution to the creation of the new platform has been invaluable.

When he is not at work, he is an avid follower of technology news and is the proud father of 3 clever kids.

Miss Mai

Code Angel

Mai is exceptionally curious, very studious and likes her job. She was a bit bored with back-end development, so she now also delves into the front-end. She has a deep desire to understand and write better code. She left university just a few years ago and is already on her way to becoming a talented full stack developer. 

She bought a new car and likes to travel around the region as much as she can.

Miss Fai

Code Fairy

This beautiful young woman is learning fast. Always eager to understand how things work, she has been showing real competence in many different aspects of the creation of SimDif. Fai is a future full stack talent but also cares about the graphic qualities of her work.

At home she likes to draw and read to improve her English.


Administrative Officer and Company Mom

Ning has been here since the very beginning in 2009, doing the accounts, filing the taxes, helping get BOI status, visas and work permits. And just as importantly Ning keeps everyone happy during difficult times. 

When she isn't single-handedly holding the company together, she likes knitting and embroidery. She's also a respected massage therapist.


User Experience and Support

Stéphane joined SimpleDifferent in 2014. Like most members of the team, he is a man of many talents. He's been working in IT for 15 years and is responsible for the Japanese translation and coordinates the work of the other translators.
Stéphane is very close to the user's needs, he answers the hotline and contributes actively to the conception of the future of SimDif.

In his spare time, he likes to play badminton and is actively involved in studying traditional Thai music.


Digital Communications

Paul has been part of SimDif twice, joining most recently in 2020. Over the past 20 years the majority of his work has been in Web Development and Digital Communications.

In his work as well as in his personal life you can clearly see his motivation to understand the world on every level, from the concrete to the abstract, and to try and adjust the way he thinks and behaves accordingly.

An inquisitive mind, an open and rigorous way of organizing concepts, and a deep understanding of SimDif’s ethics, make him a wonderful collaborator when it comes to designing our commercial strategy.

In his own words : “Living in Thailand has given me so much: language, music, friends, a new outlook.. Love above all.. and I have been blessed by a loving family back home in the UK also. I'm most grateful."


User Assistance & Legal Consultant

Anton has been involved as Russian translator since 2014 and joined SimDif in 2020. Anton helps users with their questions and works on translations and important communication with third parties.
Anton has a legal background and enjoys learning new skills. He is also sports enthusiast with interests spanning from billiards and table tennis to skateboard and gym workouts... and Thai food ;-)

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