About SimDif

About SimDif


What do people say about SimDif?

Professional reviews:

2021 - https://www.apkmonk.com/posts/simdif-website-builder-app-review/

"Considering all the features it offers in the free version, this application gets a solid 9 out of 10. The best part about this app is that you can build/modify your websites from multiple devices without having to start from scratch each time you hop on to a new device. We highly recommend that you try this app if you’re looking to build a website."

2019 -

"Overall, Website Builder for Android is an extremely well-designed app that delivers on the key areas that matter most: ease-of-use, flexibility, capability, and extensibility"

2017 -

"The app has received positive acceptance among android users with testimonials from fans. The ease of use and simplicity of the app have gained it more downloads and usage. The fact that you don’t have to hire another person to build a website for your business is the dream of most business owners out there and SimDif website builder has made the dream come true" 

2015 - https://web-builder-app.com/

"SimDif have obviously thought very carefully about how the websites their users create will actually perform, both for website visitors and for search engine results. Overall, the combination of ease of use and the consistency of its capabilities for creating websites on Android, iPhone, iPad, and desktop are unmatched."

User ratings and reviews on the Google Play store:

Stefanie Bollmann

November 21, 2018 - ★★★★★

"I looked into various website builder apps before I chose to use SimDif and I never regretted my choice. It's the best: easy to manage and update the website from all devices and publish in an instant. When I couldn't resolve things by myself I got quick help from a kind customer service team. Recommend it 100%"

Clive Cooper

November 19, 2018 - ★★★★★

"Given this app a fair test drive, very impressive. It does just what I expected and it does it well. A very intuitive application. I can see myself going for the pro version eventually but for now, the free version is fine. Well done developers."

Danoz Directo

November 3, 2018 - ★★★★★

"Outstanding, easy to use as well as having free features but I will be going with a pro version as I'm impressed."


October 28, 2018 - ★★★★★

"Great website builder and hosting app. It's very convenient to be able to manage everything from one app."

Chidi Edward Nnaji

October 1, 2018 - ★★★★★

"SimDif is one of the simplest ways of building any type of website. Even a novice can use SimDif."

Simple Different

The Company

Simple Different Co. LTD was founded in 2009. It is a self-funded company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand with a small and diverse community of talents from around the world.

They are a team of 10 people between 23 and 52 years old sharing 4 languages - English, Thai, French, Spanish and the local northern Thai dialect.

They all share the same conviction in building an original and useful app and also share the same ethics when defining their service and helping their users.

3 years ago they started to rewrite the first version of SimDif and called it “the V2”. It is an ingenious technical platform able to support SimDif 2 and other projects of the same nature.